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Model: 86505 SKU: 86505


  • Multi display ph/mv or cond. or tds or salt with temp. & real time stamped
  • Auto or manual range for conductivity, tds and salinity...
Model: 62379-549 SKU: 62379-549

Accuracy ±1.5°C
Dimensions 9H x 9W x 2.4D cm (35/8 x 35/8 x 7/8") for Thermometer; 3.8L x 0.5 dia. cm (11/2 x 1/8") for Sensor
Resolution 0.5°C
Temperature Range –40 to 80°C...

Model: 61161-324 SKU: 61161-324


Dual display allows for reading ambient and probe temperature simultaneously. Minimum and maximum memory feature permits monitoring conditions overnight, during weekends, or...

Model: 62344-912 SKU: 62344-912

VWR* Three-Line Alarm Timer. Countdown alarm, stopwatch and time-of-day. Displays all three channels. Count down/up from 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. Memories return channel to previously programmed time. Magnet/stand back. LCD readout. NIST traceable. Includes battery.

Model: 29960-003 SKU: 29960-003

 Digital Thermometer, Panel-Mounted

Model: 21800-004 SKU: 21800-004

Accessories for VWR® Thermometer Wireless Traceable

Model: 21800-002 SKU: 21800-002

VWR* Radio-Signal Remote Thermometer. Receives signal from up to 3 remote sensors for cable-free readings. LCD display, memory, alarm. Range: -50 to 70[degree]C. Resolution: 0.1[degree]. NIST traceable. Has remote sensor module, stand, external probe with 3m cable, wall bracket, Velcro*, batteries.

Model: 77776-730 SKU: 77776-730

VWR* Traceable* Snap-in Module. Versatile panel-mount snaps into place or is a stand-alone unit. Comes with stainless steel probe featuring 3m-long cable with handle. Records minimum/maximum readings. Temperature Range: -50 to 300[degree]C. Accuracy: +-1[degree]C between -20 and 100[degree]C.

Model: 62344-916 SKU: 62344-916

VWR* Alarm Thermometer/Timer. Reads [degree]C and F. Range: 0 to 200[degree]C. Resolution: 1[degree]. Accuracy: -+1[degree]. Display shows time remaining, probe temperature and temperature alarm set point. NIST traceable. Includes detachable curved probe with 106.7cm cable and battery.

Model: 62344-734 SKU: 62344-734

VWR* Thermometer with Clock and Humidity Monitor. Displays all three measurements. Measures ambient temperatures in [degree]C and F. Temperature range: 0 to 50[degree]C. Humidity range: 20-90%. High/low temperature and humidity memory. NIST traceable. 10.8Wx5.7Hx1.3Dcm.

Model: Logger-8808 SKU: 8808

A very useful tool for iaq (indoor air quality) monitoring and control. Wall mountable super large lcd display easy to read and save space. Record range:Temp .. -20oC-70oC(-4°F-158°F), RH: 0-100% !

Model: BTM-4208SD SKU: BTM-4208SD

SD Card real time data recorder
Model : BTM-4208SD
* 12 channels Temperature recorder, use SD card to save the data along with time information,

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